About us

The Małopolska Chess Association (MZSzach) is dedicated to the promotion and development of chess as a sport.
Our organization is committed to a wide array of initiatives aimed at fostering growth and love for this timeless game.

Our efforts are channeled through several key activities:

Uniting Chess Entities:

We bring together clubs, sections, and associations active in the realm of chess, creating a robust network of enthusiasts and professionals.

Organizing Competitive Events:

A prime focus is on arranging sports competitions, including individual and team championships across Małopolska.

Hosting Prestigious Chess Festivals:

The International Chess Festival Cracovia and the International Championships of Małopolska stand out as our flagship events, attracting talent from across the globe.

Comprehensive Training Programs

We oversee the planning, conducting, and organization of training for players, coaches, instructors, teachers, referees, and officials, ensuring a high standard of chess education and expertise.

Youth Development Projects

The Regional Youth Team project and the Chess Summer Camps provide young players with opportunities for growth, both in skill and in spirit, during their leisure time.

Supporting Chess Initiatives

Our support extends to initiatives aimed at the development of chess sport, collaborating with schools, cultural centers, social welfare homes, and Kraków's museums to foster a love for chess in various community settings.

In addition to our core activities, MZSzach has proudly organized globally recognized events that have significantly contributed to the international chess community. These include:
  • World School Chess Championships (2011)
  • FIDE Congress (2011)
  • European School Chess Championships (2018)
  • European Rapid Chess Championship for Couples as a side event of the European Games Kraków – Małopolska 2023 (2023)
These events not only highlight MZSzach’s capability to host competitions of the highest caliber but also underline our commitment to showcasing Małopolska as a hub for chess excellence on the international stage. We believe in the power of chess to bridge cultures, foster intellectual growth, and build community. Through our initiatives and the prestigious events we organize, MZSzach continues to contribute to the global chess movement, inviting players and enthusiasts from around the world to join us in our mission.